Kitchen and Dining Equipment Guide Madrid

For those looking for reasonably priced kitchen utensils and dining equipment, there are three types of shop: the local Chinese stores, the Cortes Ingles and Ikea. There are specific dining and kitchen stores and boutiques that offer certain items, but they are few and far between. There is a small chain of kitchen furniture specialists called Zelari de Nuzzi who offer world recognized brands and stylish appliances, however, their wares are very expensive.

Ikea stores, although cheap, are located outside of the city and require a car for easy access. The Cortes Ingles stores are located more centrally and are far more convenient, but expect to pay more to outfit your kitchen. The most economical and convenient option is to buy no-frill plates, cutlery, pans, ect. at your local Chinese shop.


Centro Comercial “”La Gavia””

Ensanche de Vallecas

Alto del Retiro 33,

T: 902 400 922


Av. de Europa 22,



Plaza del Comercio 1

San Sebastián de los Reyes

El Cortes Ingles

Plaza Callao 2

T: 913 798 000

Zelari de Nuzzi


C/ Principe de Vergara 44

T: 915 710 423


C/ General Yagüe 45

T: 915 708 524