The Expat Info Desk was designed by a dedicated team of expatriates. Many of the writers have successfully relocated to cities throughout the world including Russia, Ukraine, Poland, South Africa, China, USA and India.

The Expat Info Desk international relocation guides were born out of necessity more than anything else. Several members of the team found that when they were tasked with moving to a new and strange country they simply couldn’t find all the relevant information they needed in one, easy to access, place. The writers have spent hours trawling websites and online information sources searching for material that could help our move overseas. Unfortunately quite often their efforts were not rewarded, and we came across conflicting or unclear information that only served to confuse and bewilder us even more. Sometimes we would turn to travel guides for an insider view of a city but these could not help with our real questions; where should I live? What is the cost of living? Should I buy a car? Which service providers can I rely on?

What we needed was a single, comprehensive international relocation guide that we knew was up to date and contained correct, unbias and meaningful information. Because we couldn’t find any we decided to create our own… and that’s exactly what we have done. We have created the expat guides to moving overseas that we longed for when we relocated ourselves, and now we proudly present them to you.

Since our early days, Expat Info Desk has successfully developed its own extensive network of experienced expatriate authors throughout mainland Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific, Australia and the Middle East. As a result, you can be confident that each Expat Info Desk international relocation guide contains the best expertise to help you through your relocation. We ensure that our guides are regularly updated so that you can be assured that the information is accurate and reliable.

Wherever you move to, our philosophy remains the same: “Feel at home abroad – fast.”

Stay tuned for more information and a big expansion of the information that is offered on this site. We will be constantly publishing information that will be useful and interesting for expatriates around the globe!

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