Clothing Stores

Most Spaniards, especially the younger generations, tend to buy their clothing at the Corte Ingles ( and chain stores as they tend to offer an ever-changing selection and relatively low prices. The main chain stores are:

  • Zara ( – Wide range of clothing and shoes for men, women and children and a good selection of both formal and informal clothes.
  • Mango ( – Clothes and shoes for women between the ages of 18 and 35, with a small section for men. The majority of the clothes are informal or going out attire, however, they do have clothes suitable for business occasions.
  • Pimkie ( – Shop aimed at female teenagers to young adults. Casual clothes and shoes.
  • Bershka ( – Caters to both men and women, specialising in casual clothing and shoes.
  • H&M ( – Clothes and shoes for men and women, with a large selection of both casual and business attire.
  • Blanco ( – Clothes for both women and men, specialising in casual clothes and shoes.
  • Sfera ( – Wide range of male and female clothing, including formal and informal ware and sports attire.

More affluent member’s of Madrid society are likely to shop at the city’s many boutiques or designer stores, as they offer more original clothing at higher prices (See Main Shopping Areas).

Undergarments are bought at small shops called “lencerias,” which can be found in any neighborhood, and at most chain stores.


Tailors (sastres) can be found at several of the municipal markets, which are listed by district in the Open Air Markets section of this guide, or at the Corte Ingles. Tailors in Spain make alterations and custom made clothes. English-speaking tailors include:

La Trajeria

Web site in English offers both formal dress rental and traditional tailoring.
C/ General Pardiñas, 106
T: 902 159 041