Appliances, Electronics and Hardware stores in Madrid

Appliances and electronics in Spain can be quite expensive due to the limited number of stores that supply them. You will likely find the best prices in the following chain stores:

PC City

C/ Gaztambide 4

PC Box

Avda. Ciudad de Barcelona, 110

T: 915 130 013


C/ Preciados 28,


C/ Santa Petronila 1,

C/ Arrastaría (Zade Las Mercedes) 20

T: 913 019 900

There are no chain hardware stores in Madrid, but rather independently owned, neighborhood shops. You should have no trouble pinpointing a hardware store in your neighborhood. However, the Cortes Ingles ( and Carrefour ( stores generally have a hardware department. In addition, the countless Chinese owned stores (chinos) sell an extensive variety of economically priced items, including electrical goods. Keep in mind that many of the items sold at the Chinese stores are generic brands that may be of questionable quality.