United Kingdom

The World's Most International City in an Intrinsically British Environment

With a history spanning two millennia, London is a relentless city that seems to stay forever youthful while simultaneously guarding and preserving its fascinating past.

Expatriates who live in London will quickly realize that Modern London is not one holistic, unified city but more of a mish-mash of diverse neighborhoods that have grown together over the centuries to form one vast urban area. Each of these different areas offers a unique and parochial living environment that is grounded in the culture and heritage of its history. From the canyons of glass and steel of the City of London, to the vibrant multiculturalism of Brixton, to the glamorous theatres of the West End, to the royal retreat of Richmond, through to the curry houses and cockneys of the East End, London offers a myriad of boroughs, each of which exudes its own personality and unique living environment.

London is a city that passionately guards its heritage while also welcoming and celebrating offerings from throughout the world. This means that you will find surprises on every corner and expatriates who venture away from the traditional expat and tourist haunts will soon find that the city is stuffed full of hidden cultural, historical and eccentric gems. With approximately 8 million people, a good number of them expats, London fits the profile of one of the world's most welcoming cities for foreigners. Reports of 300 languages gracing the airwaves of the capital daily can only mean that people from all over the world feel welcome and appreciated here.

Outside of the city itself, lies the beautiful British countryside and picturesque villages, historical towns and vast fields are only a short journey from the city centre. Here expatriates can enjoy sampling the real Great Britain before getting on the train and returning to their cosmopolitan wonder.

What’s the draw?

  • A city that radiates a diverse cultural dynamism.
  • Historical splendor housing modern development.
  • A fascinating living environment with a myriad of different experiences right on your doorstep.
  • A lively cultural and art scene that is continually evolving with time.

Live there:

Living in London is one thing, but moving there with the mindset and tools to make your time a success, and a pleasure, is something completely different. Our Expat Info Desk guide to living in London gives you the tools you need to make your London experience as an expat exceptional.

  • London is a vast area with many different suburbs that are all very different in look and feel. The Expat Info Desk international relocation guide to London contains practical advice on how to rent or buy a home that fits with your need and budget. A thorough survey of popular residential areas throughout Greater London is provided together with our lowdown on the local population, amenities and neighborhood environment.
  • London is a great city but, as with many other major cities around the world, there is a large amount of crime. Our expat gives you an insider’s view of methods of staying safe in London and how best to protect yourself and your family. We also provide details about the National Health Service, what it includes and who is eligible for it together with details of privately available health clinics and hospitals.

Get the most out of London with the Expat Info Desk.

Five top tips

01Pick up Time Out magazine weekly and take advantage of London's fantastic entertainment choices and cultural activities.
02Unless you intend to drive in London, find an apartment close to local transport, ideally less than a 15 minute walk to a bus, train, or tube station.
03You need a license to own a television in the UK, otherwise you will be fined. Obtain a license when you arrive from any UK post office.
04London is vast and each area within it is unique. Make sure you visit several areas before you make a decision about where you want to live.
05A large number of residential areas in London require a parking permit. Even if you live there you may have to pay large annual fees to park your car.

Interesting fact

The London Underground was the first underground railway anywhere in the world, with the first section opening in 1863 . It now has 270 stations and 400km of track making it the longest metro system in the world.