Los Angeles


The Sunny City of Reinvention

Los Angeles is as much a myth as it is a reality. Thanks to Hollywood, those who have never set foot in the city are already very familiar with its major sights and attractions. However, those that experience the true nature of life in this amazing city will find that Los Angeles is far from what they first expected.

Los Angeles has a reputation for being a Mecca to all things superficial: face lifts, over-sized sunglasses, fad celebrity diets and silicon implants. However, this is much more on offer than that. Los Angeles is a place of true natural beauty, where you can ski in the morning and surf in the afternoon on one day and explore desert hot springs and old growth forests the next. From star spotting, to sun-soaked beaches, to world-class shopping, Los Angeles really does have it all.

Many people move to Los Angeles because they looking for glory in the entertainment capital of the world; most don’t find their pot of gold or fifteen minutes of fame and head on back to their homes. Others are seduced by LA’s Mediterranean climate and famous beaches. For expatriates living in LA, like any cosmopolitan city, a little bit of home comes with you and perhaps nowhere else in the world is this more apparent than the city’s influx of ethnic enclaves, such as Little Tokyo, Chinatown, Koreatown, Thaitown, West Hollywood’s Russian population, and Santa Monica’s British and Australasian population. Los Angeles' Latin American influence is omnipresent. The city has the largest population of Latin American outside of Latin America and also one of the largest LGBT populations in the U.S.

Make no bones about it, Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis and it can be very easy to lose your way in this mammoth city. While the public transportation system can be reliable, the majority of people who live in L.A. rely on driving to get around. This means that choosing the right area to live for your needs and that of your family is imperative.

What’s the draw?

  • Year-round sunshine and comfortable temperatures.
  • A cosmopolitan city in which you will always find a piece of home.
  • Beautiful natural scenery and plenty of things to do.

Live there:

Los Angeles is a place of complexity and contradictions. Make sure you get your move to this amazing city off to the right start with the Expat Info Desk guide to living in L.A.

Written by an author who has experienced first hand the trials, tribulations and joys of relocating to Los Angeles, our writer offers readers the information and advice that she wish she had been given when she first relocated here as an expat. This is not a travel guide; it is a realistic insight into life in Los Angeles that will become invaluable throughout your relocation process and beyond. It contains everything you need to know about living in Los Angeles, from how to organize bank, electricity and mobile phone accounts to finding somewhere suitable to live in an area that meets your needs. The guide also contains comprehensive lists of useful resources that point you in the direction of how you can make new friends, find the right schools and arrange medical care.

Make the most of the “City of Angels” with the Expat Info Desk.

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Our guide was written by Ginger Liu and Miki Onuma.

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Interesting fact

Los Angeles lies on the San Andreas Fault and is vulnerable to earthquakes; approximately 10,000 earthquakes strike Los Angels every year.