International Health Insurance

International Health Insurance for Expatriates and Global Citizens

If you plan to live abroad or you have already made the move abroad, you realize that buying global health insurance coverage is not only critical, but also a necessary requirement for most expats and their family members. Your domestic health plans probably doesn’t cover you abroad or has limitations on your policy for medical treatment overseas. Buying international health insurance can be confusing and there are so many options to choose from. That is why we have provided so much information on global health insurance in our expat manual that is free for international citizens.

What is International Health Insurance?

International health insurance is basically medical insurance that will cover you while living outside your country of citizenship, but also in your new destination country and even back home. The policies will allow for both private and public medical care both locally and globally. Most local health insurance plans that you might purchase will only cover you in that destination country, but they may not be available to expats or even desirable. They almost always don’t meet the global requirements of international citizens who may move from one country to another.

How do I purchase International Health Insurance?

It is actually very easy. We have partnered with a leading source for international medical insurance – Expat Financial. You can get a quote for one of the many international health plans that they offer expatriates living abroad. Because there are so many options to choose from based on your age, location, citizenship, dependents information, health status, deductibles and much more, it really makes sense to get a quote online. All the premiums are payable directly to the insurer you chose and you still get the same rates and coverage, but the added service of an expat insurance expert and advisor.

Is There an International Health Insurance Handbook?

Yes, you can download the international health insurance handbook that has been carefully researched and put together by Expat Financial by submitting your global health insurance needs request. It can provide you with lots of useful information on international health coverage if you plan to move abroad or you are already a global citizen.

International Health Insurance

Expat Insurance Manual

We strongly recommend that you check out our expat manual as it contains a host of important global medical insurance information that is a great resource for global nomads and expatriates around the world. Here are some links to the Expat Insurance Manual:

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