Domestic Help – Madrid

In Spain it is fairly common to employ a housekeeper for an average of four to six hours a week to assist in domestic help cleaning, cooking and maintenance of your home. However, it is not so common to employ a live in maid.

Maids in Madrid are common due to the high demand. However the majority contract work through word of mouth and are often immigrants. There are Internet sites that post details of housekeepers available for work and that also give you the opportunity to advertise your requirements.

There is no set fee for hiring a housekeeper in Madrid, yet a general wage for a full time housekeeper will be about 1000 euros a month, which works out to 6.25 euros an hour.


The following companies offer a wide array of domestic services:

Ser Hogar Systems

C/ Anabel Segura, 11 Building. A, 2 floor

Alcobendas (MADRID)

Tel: 902 232626

Realce De Limpiezas

C/ Mota del Cuervo, 10

Tel: 913 833 500

Web Sites

The following Web sites are online forums and bulletin boards for domestic help: