Madrid Worship Guide

The traditional and principal religion of Spain is Catholicism. However, people of all faiths are welcome in Madrid and should not have too much trouble finding a place of worship for the three principal monotheist religions: Christianity, Islam and Judaism.


Spain is a Catholic country and, therefore, the majority of places of worship are Catholic churches that offer daily mass and observe the Catholic holidays. The grand cathedral Santa María La Real de La Almudena is the center piece of the Catholic faith in Madrid. It is situated in the center of the city, opposite the Royal Palace.

Other denominations are present in Spain, including Protestant and Orthodox churches, and there is also a relatively new temple erected by the Church of Latter day Saints expanding over three acres and including a missionary training center, a family history center, housing for temple patrons and an institute.

The majority of English speaking churches in Madrid are non-denominational and welcome any English speakers who are in need of spiritual wellbeing, creating a sense of community amongst the congregation.

Cathedral Santa María La Real de La Almudena

Bailén 10

T: 915 422 200

Iglesia Bautista de Alameda de Osuna (Protestant)

C/ Joaquín Ibarra, 46

T: 917 436 450

Greek Orthodox Church

C/Nicaragua, 12

T: 913 454 085

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

C/ del Templo No. 2

T: 913 017 607

Our Lady of Mercy Parish

The only Catholic church in the province of Madrid that offers an English Mass. Sunday Mass 11am, Thursday Mass 1:45pm and Holy Day Mass 11am.

Calle Drácena, 23

T: 91-350-3449

Oasis Church

This non denominational Christian Church is in the urban center of Madrid and focuses on community and promotes socialising amongst the English speaking congregation. In order to join a community group or check service times and locations visit the website and email the leader of the group.


There are two mosques in Madrid and the UCIDE (The United Communities of Islamic Spain) or Asociacion Musulmana de España that provides a meeting place for Muslims as well as advice and spiritual well-being. The Islamic Cultural Centre, or the M-30 Mosque, is the biggest mosque in Europe and also offers a college, ritual bath house, gymnasium, café and an Arabian restaurant called Zahara. The two mosques offer services in Spanish with some services in Arabic. The M-30 mosque offers free Spanish courses, as well as other language classes.

Mosque M-30

C/ Salvador de Madariaga

T: 91 3262610

Metro: Barrio de la Concepcion (Line 7)

Saturday-Thursday 10am-8pm

Friday Services 10am-12 and 4-8pm

Check the mosque’s prayer timetable for exact prayer times

Asociacion Musulmana de España

C/ Anastasio Herrero, 5

T: 915 714 040 / 91 404 3150

Metro: Estrecho (Line 1)


There are two major synagogues in Madrid: the Jewish Community of Madrid and the Synagogue Masortí de Madrid which also offers classes in Hebrew, introduction to Judaism and the Torah, and mothers meetings. In order to learn more about the services at the Jewish Community of Madrid, it is necessary to call the number below.

The Jewish Community of Madrid

C/ Balmes, 3

T: 915 913 131 (web site under construction)

Metro: Iglesia (Line 1)

Synagogue Masortí de Madrid

This synagogue offers services in both Spanish and English.

Eladio Lopez Vilchez 18

T: 911 111 111

Metro: Manoteras (Line 4)