Networking Options in Madrid

Networking is not a concept that is fully integrated into the Spanish way of life or business. Networking activities are few and far between, but if you’re charming and speak the language, you should be able to network fairly easily at both social and business events. Networking is far more prevalent within the expat community due to expat interest in meeting people with similar experiences and lifestyles.

For expats, English bookstores are popular for meeting other expats, especially those with a bar, such as Bacchus Books and J & J Books and Coffee. Other less literary bars, such as the Irish pubs Finnegan’s and Dubliners, are also a frequent hangouts for expats. There are also Web sites such as where you can either create your own group or join someone else’s.

Bacchus Bar and Bookshop

C/ Meléndez Valdés, 52

T: 91 544 73 78

Dubliners Irish Tavern

C/ Espoz y Mina 7

T: 915 227 509

Expat Groups

Business and Professional Organizations

The number of professional groups for expats and networking organizations that exist are limited. Political affiliations are often a good way for expats to network due to the common ideologies. The two main US parties, Democrats and Republicans, both have chapters in Madrid, as do the two major UK parties, Labour and Conservative.

Democrats Abroad

If you visit the Web site below and join the Madrid chapter, you will be informed of upcoming events,

Conservatives Abroad

In order to join the Spanish chapter of British Conservatives Abroad, you must email or call the organization.

T: 616 47 97 16

British Chamber of Commerce Spain

The Chamber of Commerce offers five different memberships depending on the size of your company. It also offers an Individual membership base in case you are a professional seeking to promote your own services. Being a member allows you to network with fellow Britons people throughout Europe and grants you access to private function and events. request form) (General enquiries)

American Chamber of Commerce

The American Chamber of Commerce offers two different membership plans. Patron members tend to own businesses that have over 200 workers or are a US business based in Spain, and membership fees are 2520 euros per year. Corporate membership is for smaller businesses. Both memberships facilitate business and personal dealings with other members and entitle the member to attend exclusive meetings and events. There is a one off registration payment of 350 euros.

Leisure Groups

The International Newcomers of Madrid

This organizations welcomes any English speaker who lives in Madrid and offers a wide array of activities and city orientation.

T: 696 934 866

The American Women’s Club of Madrid

This group, despite the name, is for all English speaking women who live in Madrid. They arrange events and meetings for women and their children throughout Madrid and the surrounding area. The general membership fee is 88 euros per year.

The Goethe Institue Madrid

This institute is for Spanish and German speaking people and offers classes in German and information on current cultural events in Madrid. The Goethe institute’s primary goal is to share German culture with an international audience, whilst helping German residents to integrate into the Madrid society.

Private Clubs

The private clubs that exist in Madrid are generally related to sports such as golf and tennis. However other private clubs, such as gentlemen’s clubs, do exist.


This gentlemen’s club offers a relaxed, fun atmosphere with members from all over the world.

Calle Marqués de Viana, 15

Madrid 28039

T: 915 717 187

Real Club de Golf la Herreria

An exclusive, private golf club.

Carrera Robledo de Chavela, s/n

28200 San Lorenzo del Escorial (Madrid)

Country Clubs

There are no country clubs in the city itself due to the lack of countryside. However there are county clubs just outside of Madrid. These clubs tend to be expensive and attract a more affluent membership.

Field Target Lupiana

A private shooting club that boasts extensive shooting ranges where you can practice a variety of styles of shooting and different styles of target practice.

Virgen de la Soledad 4,

19142 Lupiana

T: 617 445 877