A World-Class City With a Texan Heart

Vast, brash, wealthy and welcoming, Houston is a Texan marvel that is both electric and awe-inspiring. Now the USA’s forth largest city, Houston is a truly metropolitan city that offers a diverse culture that is infused with traditional Texas traditions.

Houston started out as a large mud flat and, as such, there’s very little in the way of history and aged cultural to explore. However, one reason why Texas’ largest city is so attractive to both Americans and expatriates is due to the abundance of entertainment on offer and people living here can enjoy a truly exceptional leisure experience. There is always something going on, be it a sporting event of one of the professional major teams of the city, an expo, a cultural festival or a new show in the theatre; if it isn’t happening in Houston, it probably isn’t happening anywhere else in Texas.

Expatriates living in Houston will find that the city is busy and crowded and, as a result of this, the population is rapidly spreading to the surrounding countryside in a series of new towns and neighborhoods. This has created a truly multicultural living environment within which multiple districts and communities exist. Whether you are looking to live in a loft in the city, a quaint house in a close community or a master planned suburb, you will find it all on offer.

What’s the draw?

  • A high standard of living in a cosmopolitan and well-developed city.
  • A strong job market and relatively low cost of living.
  • An endless array of entertainment options.

Live there:

The Expat Info Desk relocation guide to Houston is written by an expatriate who has first hand experience of life in Houston. Use it as a preparation tool before you arrive, continue to use it as a practical companion as you begin to settle into your expatriate experience in Houston and refer to it as an invaluable resource even once you consider yourself a “transplanted Texan”.

  • The Expat Info Desk Expat relocation guide provides complete information on the many areas of Houston, allowing comparisons between Downtown Houston, Midtown, The Heights, The Woodlands, the Memorial and Galleria area and several others in regards to atmosphere, shopping experiences and residency style; everything you need to know when setting up home in a new city.
  • The Expat Info Desk relocation guide to Houston contains everything you need to know when moving to Houston and covers a wide variety of topics, from getting a Texas State Driver License, a Social Security number and a bank account through to setting up utilities, looking after your pets and organizing childcare. In addition the guide covers topics such as finding supermarkets, bookstores, furniture and places to worship.

Our destination guide to living in Houston will put you in firmly in the picture when it comes to getting the best out of your life in this cosmopolitan city.

Two top tips

01Get a car and get a navigation system (GPS) as Houston is an extremely large city, very spread-out and with an often confusing street system.
02Check the Houston Chronicle newspaper and the Houston Press paper for happenings and current events in Houston.

Interesting fact

Houston has a population of 1.9 million placing it as the 4th largest city in the US; it has a metro population of 4.8 million placing it 10th.