A Truly Unique Life Awaits in the Lion City

Abandon any preconceptions you have of Singapore as a dull, sterile Sim City and get stuck into a captivating country that offers an eclectic environment where East meets West and a lifestyle that never disappoints.

“Asia Light” it may well be, but Singapore’s fascinating population of Chinese, Indian, Malay, and Western backgrounds offers expatriates from all walks of life a chance to embrace a peaceful multi-ethnic cosmopolitan culture that can be found nowhere else on earth.

Lauded for its security and order, rich culture, vibrant entertainment and dining scenes, and broad travel opportunities, it has become a prime relocation choice for expatriates who are seeking a high quality of living in a beautiful environment. Expatriates who are prepared to look beyond Singapore’s reputation as a tightly-controlled utopia, will find that the “real” Singapore is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Yes, life here is easy. The conveniences and social opportunities associated with expat life in Singapore are plentiful. English is the language of commerce and education, and most of the products and conveniences found in the West are commonly available, though sometimes in unexpected places. Many multinational companies have offices in Singapore, giving rise to a large expatriate population and an equally large amount of social opportunities. Singapore is also an excellent destination for expatriate families, as it is safe and child-friendly, boasts highly reputable international schools, and offers employment and social opportunities for accompanying partners.

What’s the draw?

  • Year-round sunshine, swimming pools, beaches and parks.
  • Expat-friendly culture and regulations that allow foreigners to feel welcome and at home.
  • Family-friendly environment where kids can be kids.
  • A great base from which to explore Asia.

Go there:

Our comprehensive guide to living in Singapore is packed full of information compiled by a real expat who has been there, done that (many times). It really does contain everything you need to know to make your life a success:

  • Despite westernization, Singapore's customs and laws may surprise newly arrived expatriates and breaking the law here is not taken lightly. Our international relocation guide provides you with the practical information necessary to stay on the right side of the law.
  • Wondering whether to live in the central business district or in the outlying suburbs? Are you currently negotiating a tenancy contract or trying to establish the cost of living in Singapore? The Singapore expatriate guide will help you to find practical answers to these questions and many more.
  • Navigate the infrastructure with ease with our lowdown on child-care, education and schools; methods of traveling around the city, including details of costs, reliability and driving regulations; how to arrange utility providers; shopping and banking hours and fitness and beauty providers and facilities.
  • Stay out of harm's way with our practical tips on staying safe, secure and healthy, together with insider information about how to avoid problem situations.
  • Get an in-depth view of languages, traditions and cultural customs of the varied people of Singapore. Let us help you to prepare for life and avoid any cultural traps that may offend.

Get ready for a life that won’t disappoint but make sure you are armed with all the information you need to make the Lion city your own.

Five top tips

01A service of SingPost, vPost, allows users to set up overseas mailing addresses in the US, Europe, and Japan so that buyers can purchase from there.
02When searching for rental properties find listings that are not co-broked. You will be charged commission on co-broked properties.
03When searching for property look for any nearby spaces that may be built on. There is a lot of development taking place and building work is noisy.
04Despite what many websites say, quarantine is no longer required for the majority of domestic animals arriving in Singapore.
05If take Permanent Residency in Singapore and have, or are considering having, children. Be aware that male children may have to do national service.

Interesting fact

Singapore has more than 3,000 kilometers of roads. Stretched end to end, they can cover the distance from Singapore to Hong Kong.