Home Furnishing Guide Madrid

The majority of home furnishings in Spain are bought new. Older Spaniards tend to buy their furniture from local businesses in their neighborhood and show brand loyalty towards a few selected shops. On the other hand, younger Spaniards are more inclined to shop at newer chain stores, such as Ikea, because they offer more modern and utilitarian products.

Store selection is akin to each generation’s tastes and decorative style. The prevalent décor in traditional Spanish homes tends to be dark, bulky furniture with many paintings, ornaments and religious artifacts for decoration. In stark contrast, younger generations prefer a minimalist, brighter décor that fits their more modern lifestyle and budgets.

There is a fairly healthy secondhand furniture culture that is fuelled by the internet rather than by resale shops. On sites such as http://www.segundamano.es and http://www.loquo.es, private owners advertise their unwanted furniture through classified ads. Although this is common practice, it is advised that you always go to see the product before you hand over any money.



Utilitarian and trendy, the furniture sold by Ikea is a popular choice with young singles and families. The furniture may not last decades, and you have to pay extra if you want Ikea workers to put the furniture together for you, but prices are lower than just about anywhere else.

Centro Comercial “”La Gavia””

Ensanche de Vallecas

Alto del Retiro 33,

28051 Madrid

T: 902 400 922

Av. de Europa 22,

28922 Alcorcón

T: 902 400 922

Plaza del Comercio 1

28703 San Sebastián de los Reyes

T: 902 400 922

El Cortes Ingles

A large selection of all styles of furniture, although quite pricey.

Plaza Callao 2

T: 913 798 000



A fairly standard, modern Spanish furniture store that is moderately priced and that designs and builds furniture to your house’s size specifications.

Nuestra Señora de Valverde 65

T: 913 720 651