Madrid Pets Guide

The citizens of Madrid love their pets, and whether it’s night or day, you will see Madrileños walking their fashionable pets around the city. In order to accommodate this pet-friendly lifestyle, it is not usual for dogs to be allowed in shops, and as long as they are in carriers, pets are permitted in taxis and on all modes of public transport. Despite the lack of home gardens and reduced living space, in Madrid it is common in Madrid for people to have pets of all types and sizes.

Vet bills can be extremely costly, and pet insurance is available, but probably equally as costly as routine treatment. Madrid also has numerous animal shelters for unwanted and stray animals, the largest being CIAAM, which can house up to 250 animals. ANAA is another important shelter at which citizens are encouraged to adopt animals, and the shelter’s website is in both Spanish and English. Both of these shelters are located outside of the city limits, but public transportation is available.


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