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1040 Abroad Expat Tax Services
Business Description
We understand that being tax compliant is a complex and complicated process. Therefore, at 1040 Abroad we are determined to offer the best available options for every client. All based on your individual situation.

1040 Abroad is inspired by the prospect of offering a better life to U.S. citizens who live in foreign lands. Thus, we believe successful partnerships are built on shared values of professionalism, reliability, and trust. We have seen how filling tax returns can have a stressful impact on our daily lives and experienced this first-hand.

Therefore, our working ethics are simple and based on our passion for taxes, proving to each client that even the most complicated cases in International U.S. taxation can be solved by letting us do what we do best. At 1040 Abroad, we love what we do, which has been the key to both the company’s success and our clients’ satisfaction.

Why Work with 1040 Abroad?
At 1040 Abroad, we feel lucky to share our values with all of our customers!
Abacus Financial Services
Business Description
We offer year round remote tax assistance to US citizens nationwide and internationally who have registered for our service. Individual tax preparation is provided by Enrolled Agents, federally licensed with the Internal Revenue Service. Business tax preparation is provided by Certified Public Accountants. To learn more about our firm and all services offered please go to www.abacusfinance.net.
American Citizens Abroad
Business Description
ACA’s mission is to educate, advocate and inform both the US Government and US Citizens living and working abroad on regulatory and legislative issues of concern to the overseas American community. ACA is at the forefront with issues of tax and compliance, citizenship, access to voting and other issues of importance to the overseas US citizen community.  Check out our website for complete information on ACA.

The US State Department estimates this community to be nearly 9 million strong (US State Department Chart of Statistics).  ACA is a qualified 501c4 non-profit and is non-partisan.  ACA Global Foundation (ACAGF) a qualified 501c3 non-profit is the educational and research branch of ACA.
ACA educates both the US Government and US Citizens living and working overseas on critical issues impacting the overseas American community.

ACA advocates for a balanced approach to problem-solving and supports efforts that provide tangible results.
American Expatriate Tax Consultants
Business Description
We provide expat tax services throughout the world. We are a year-round tax firm specializing in meeting the tax needs of Americans living overseas. We know the tax situation for expatriates is often complicated and frustrating.

Whether it’s filing a current-year tax return, preparing years of unfiled tax returns or resolving an IRS problem, we assist our satisfied clients with every aspect of tax preparation and tax planning. There's no need for expats to pay more than required - or suffer under penalties and interest - just because the process is more confusing for them. Leave the hassle of preparing your tax returns to us.
American Tax Group
Business Name
Business Description
Cody Moore is the founder of the American Tax Group. He lived in Costa Rica and Nicaragua and understands the challenges and complexities facing the expat living overseas.

He's a former IRS agent and has over 25 years of experience in taxation. American Tax Group prepares individual, partnership, and corporate tax returns. The IRS is cracking down on U.S. citizens living overseas for non-reporting of foreign assets and non-filers of tax returns.

Are you in compliance? Give us a call so we can discuss your tax needs. We offer affordable fees.

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