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Telefonica is the monopoly that controls all landline telephony in Spain. There are other landline phone service providers, but the great majority of telephone lines are owned and installed by Telefonica and a monthly line maintenance fee of 13 euros is almost always paid to Telefonica, regardless of the service provider.

To install a landline, you will have to contact Telefonica either by calling 1004 or by visiting It’s best to solicit the installation of your landline through the Web site, as they generally have free installation offers when you fill in the application form online and commit to a calling plan. Installation takes place about one week after it’s been solicited.

To sign up for landline phone service, you will need a NIE or passport and a Spanish bank account, as the monthly phone bills are deducted directly from your bank account. The monthly cost for a landline service depends on the calling plan that you choose, but remember that whatever the cost of the plan, you’ll always have to tack on an additional 13 euros per month for maintenance plus service tax. A landline + Internet package with free nationa…