Madrid preview



Madrid is an expensive city by Spanish standards and even European standards. Buying property in Madrid is extremely expensive and even renting can be slightly pricier than expected. Expect to pay on average 300,000 euros for a 2-bedroom apartment or about 1000 euros per month to rent.

Monthly Utilities

  • Electricity: 30-50 euros
  • Water: 10 euros
  • Gas: 20-40 euros


  • Milk: 0.80 euros/L
  • Butter: 2.50 euros/tub
  • Eggs: 1.60 euros/dozen
  • Rice : 2.50 euros/bag
  • Potatoes: 2.00 euros/kg
  • Sliced Bread: 2.50 euros
  • Instant Coffee: 3 euros
  • Apples: 2.50 euros/kg
  • Tomatoes: 2 euros/kg
  • Pasta: 1 euro/bag
  • Yogurts: 2 euros/4pack
  • Olive oil: 2.50 euros/L
  • Cereal: 2.50 euros
  • Cheese: 3.10 euros
  • Chicken breast: 3.75 euros/kg


Taxis in Spain are distinctive due to their white and black coloration, and are easy to flag down on any main street. Bear in mind that depending on the day and time rates differ. See the public transport section for more information. On average, a 15 minute ride will generally cost about 10 euros depending on traffic and distance traveled.

The majority of people find it more cost effective to take advantage of the excellent metro and bus system in Madrid and simply purchase a 10 journey metro/bus ticket for 7.40 euros. You can also purchase a monthly pass, which for transportation around the centre of the city will cost between 26 and 46 euros. See the public transport section for more information.


Public schools are completely free, although parents may be expected to cover the costs of some textbooks, uniforms and supplies. This varies from school to school. The cost of public universities also varies depending on location and course of study, but tuition is generally between 500-1000 euros per year. Prvate schools are generally several thousand euros per year. For more information on the cost of private school, please visit the International Schools section.


  • Cinema ticket: 7 euros
  • Opera/ballet ticket: 30-60 euros
  • Dinner for 2 upscale restaurant: 80 euros
  • Dinner for 4 family restaurant: 60 euros
  • Gym membership: 70 euros/month

Communication Services

  • Cable TV: 30 euros/month
  • Mobile phone contract: 15 euros/month
  • Home internet: 20 euros/month
  • Landline: 13 euros/month


  • 1 hour of housekeeping: 10 euros
  • 1 hour of babysitting: 8 euros
  • Shirt dry-cleaning: 6 euros