Buenos Aires


A Thrillingly Unpredictable City in the Heart of Latin America

As a result of its European ambience Buenos Aires is often referred to as the “Paris of Latin America.” The tree-lined boulevards, old-world elegance, colonial architecture, sidewalk cafes and peaceful parks are all reminiscent of the European capital while also exuding the passion and warmth of the Argentinean people.

The story of Evita is world-renowned and although the wife of Juan Perón did indeed make an indelible mark on the Argentine capital, there’s plenty more to this city than Eva Peron. Beyond all the expected clichés, Buenos Aires is a city that offers world-class art, beautiful architecture, exceptional cuisine and an internationally acclaimed design and fashion industry. Expatriates who call this city home can expect a cosmopolitan lifestyle that is bursting with energy and vibrancy. Whether you are shopping in the elegant shopping district of Recoleta, tangoing the night away in San Telmo, making friends in the trendy bars in the Palermo and Las Canitas neighborhoods, perusing Caminito's colorfully painted houses, wandering through the Sunday antiques market or watch the protesters at Plaza Del Mayo, you will be surrounded by colorful history, vibrant people and interesting scenery.

In recent years Buenos Aires has become increasingly expat friendly. Comforts like air conditioning have become the norm, more produce is kept in Argentina and sent to Buenos Aires for local consumption instead of being sent abroad, classes from tango to horseback riding are offered in English to open up the amazing culture, and more and more Spanish schools and private teachers are springing up to help acclimate newly-relocated foreigners to the accent and dialect of castellano.

The people of Buenos Aires, porteños, as they are called, are warm and welcoming. Expats who venture out of their comfort zones and get to know the locals will be rewarded by friendship with gregarious, spirited people who are carefree and fascinating.

What’s the draw?

  • Low cost, high quality living in a thriving metropolis.
  • Friendly people who have a welcoming attitude.
  • Fascinating culture, history and traditions.

Live there:

Buenos Aires welcomes expats open arms, so keep your mind open and arm yourself with the Expat Info Desk relocation guide to living in Buenos Aires. It contains all the information you need to make the most of your experience in this thriving metropolis of a city at the heart of Argentine culture. From selecting a suitable neighborhood to call home, to getting to grips with the infrastructure, from finding beauty salons and hairdressers through to full listings of malls, markets and mobile phone providers, with our expert input it won’t be long until you know the city like a local.

Live like a Porteño in Buenos Aires with the Expat Info Desk.

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Our guide was written by Maggie Irwin and Chris Mote.

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Five top tips

01While knowing Spanish is not a necessity to living in Buenos Aires, many porteños will be more willing to help you out if you know some basic p
02Having an open mind and realizing that laws, contracts, rules, & pretty much everything else is flexible and liquid will save you a lot of headach
03There is a shortage of coins in the country, and you need them to use the public buses, so keep your change and pay with note where possible.
04Electronics, such as computers and cell phones, are up to 400% more than expensive in Argentina so bring your electronics with you.
05Property prices are always inflated and it is a buyer's/renter's market here, so make sure you negotiate hard when finding somewhere to live.

Interesting fact

Avenida 9 de Julio, which runs through the center of the Microcentre (downtown) is the widest street in the world at an imposing sixteen lanes.