Emergency Services in Madrid


The emergency number for the national police is 091.

When you call this number, the operator will take your personal details and the details of the crime committed. The Spanish police force is effective and will help if you fall victim to any kind crime. Aside from theft and assault, the Spanish police also deal with crimes such as murder, drugs, human trafficking and missing persons. The address below is for the police station where you should register as a foreigner:

Calle de Manuel Luna, 29

T: 91 322 68 01


Fire Services

The emergency fire services number is 080.

First and foremost, it is the fire services’ job is to fight fires in order to save lives and buildings. However, their duties also include helping in car accidents and biological or chemical accidents.

Emergency Medical Services

The emergency medical services number is 061.

Once you call the emergency number, an ambulance will arrive promptly. Do not expect the paramedics to speak English, but know that they are highly trained and fully aware of what they have to do. Emergency service is free, whether you have received your Spanish medical card or not. Spanish hospitals are obligated by law to treat you.

Spanish taxi drivers are also obligated by law to transport people suffering medical emergencies to the hospital when asked to do so. Any driver, in fact, is allowed to turn his vehicle into an ambulance when there is a medical emergency. To do this, you must switch on your hazard lights and fly a white piece of material from the window.

If the situation is not urgent, but you need a doctor or medicine, call 1003. The operator will give you information on either a doctor on call or the address of the nearest pharmacy on duty. Misuse of this system results in a heavy fine.