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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the American Expat Directory?

The US expat directory is an online resource for American expats who are seeking financial assistance. It contains listings of trusted and reputable expat tax accountants, attorneys, financial advisors, and mortgage, currency and real estate specialists. All of the firms listed are experts at helping Americans living abroad achieve their financial aims.

I’m financial firm that works with US expats, how can I get listed?

It’s simple: just click or tap ‘Get Listed’ in the top nav, then fill out the form. We’ll review and verify your details, and get you listed.

Can I purchase just a single article, or list an event

Yes. Listing just a single article or an event costs $75 if you don’t want to list your company, choose the free listing plan, or choose another plan but want to purchase an additional article or event. The price covers a link to the event in our newsletter.

What about advertising?

Some of the annual plans listed above include newsletter banners. The newsletter audience contains over 1000 confirmed American expats. Website banners are also available, and cost from $29/month.