An Unparalleled Wealth of Discovery

A sprawling Chinese city that is packed full of exhilarating extremes, Beijing is a metropolis where cutting-edge architecture sits side-by-side with a mysterious maze of inner-city alleyways, ancient temples and sacred relics. A city that is in the throws of development, Beijing finds itself hurtling toward a future that promises to be even more ambitious than its history, resulting in the transformation of an urban area that leaves residents, local and expatriates alike, in wonder.

Expatriate life in this thriving capital city is far from dull. Beijing’s colorful past and rich history entails that there is a seemingly limitless wealth of discovery for expats to explore and experience. From the empty vastness of Tiananmen Square, the fascinating inner courtyards of the Forbidden City, through to the iconic stadiums of the Beijing Olympic Park, the remains of years gone by jostle with the futuristic urban development to create a living environment that is packed full of eye-opening contradictions and mesmerizing sights.

For those looking for an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, Beijing’s vast lands play host to some beautiful natural landscapes and captivating rural areas and a wide range of different activities are on offer, including hiking and cycling.

What’s the draw?

  • An exciting city that offers an eclectic mix of antiquity and exciting modern development.
  • A thriving metropolis with an unending array of different places to eat, sleep, shop and drink.
  • A land of opportunity where anything is possible, not just for the Chinese, but also for the many foreigners who call this city home.

Live there:

It is very easy to be intimidated by China’s biggest city. The sheer scale of the metropolis combined with language barriers can entail that expats usually need to make adjustments to living in an environment that isn’t always as accommodating as other international destinations. Our guide to living in Beijing contains everything you need to know to overcome cultural hurdles and settle into a fulfilling life in the city.

To the well-informed expatriate, Beijing is a city that is full of opportunity and enlightenment, the Expat Info guide to Beijing is just what you need to ensure that your relocation is a success.

Five top tips

01Stock up on prescription medicine before you relocate since pharmacies here cannot honor an overseas prescription.
02An excellent phrasebook that many expats rely on is called “Mandarin Phrasebook” published by Immersion Guides in China.
03Try and join the private Yahoo! group, BeijingCafe, which caters to expats. Membership requires invitation by a current member.
04If you have a baby, it may be prudent to stock up on infant formulae from your home country before you arrive.
05Prepare mentally for the pollution. Consider purchasing an air filter for your home when you arrive.

Interesting fact

The most common surname in Beijing is Wang, a name shared by approximately 10.35% of the population