We hope these FAQs answer any questions you might have. If you want answers on any additional topics, please send them to us by email through our contact us form. We will add other frequently asked questions to this list.

Who writes the Expat Info Desk city guides?

Our guides are written by expats who live or work in the city itself. We believe that by employing expats to help produce our guides we can ensure that the information provided is realistic and tailored to the needs of the expatriate community. The expats themselves have first hand knowledge and experience of the process of relocating to a new country and will therefore be able to identify the information that will be of use to people who are considering moving to that city.

Can I buy a hardcopy of the guide?

There are many reasons why we have chosen to produce the guides online as opposed to providing a hard copy. The main reason is that we wish to ensure that our guides are always up to date and that we can quickly incorporate any feedback from our customers. Information can change very quickly and if we were to provide a hard copy we would find that the information was would quickly become outdated.

I am relocating to a city that is not listed on your website. Are you planning to write an expat guide about this city soon?

We welcome any requests from our customers. Please get in touch by email through our contact us form to tell us which city you are interested in. We will let you know our plans for that city. We can also provide guides on demand – please ask us for a quote.