Home of Australia’s Good Life

As Australia’s oldest European settlement and most populous city, Sydney is a true shining gem. Build around the shimmering Sydney harbour, which is upstaged only by the iconic landmarks of the Sydney Opera house and the Harbour bridge, this animated city is often considered by many to be the perfect place to live, work and play.

Life is never dull for expatriates living here: in just one day you can take a harbour cruise, enjoy dim sum in Chinatown, walk the narrow winding streets of The Rocks while exploring Sydney’s colorful past, mingle with the celebrities in the Potts Point District, shop for designer styles under the stunning glass arches of the Queen Victoria Building, enjoy a relaxing dinner in one of the refurbished pubs in the Surry Hills and party the night away in the King’s Cross district. And while enjoying a cosmopolitan life in this relaxed and fun city, you are surprisingly never far from nature. Right on your doorstep you have the white sandy beaches of Palm Beach, Bondi and Cronulla, bushwalking in Manly and the magical Blue Mountains with the famous Three Sisters rock formations just a short ride away. It’s easy to see why many of the people who came to Sydney on a short-term contract never left.

Different ethnic groups contribute to the city’s colorful inhabitants and it is very much a place that celebrates and accepts diversity and cultural differences. In fact, Sydney is often described as a city of villages; a city of many cultural hubs. Because of this, expatriates who make Sydney their home will enjoy a vast array of global foods and cultural activities and will benefit from living in a place that invites its residents to live happily and peacefully together.

What’s the draw?

  • Great outdoor living, sunny weather and a laid back approach to living.
  • A high standard of living in a clean and safe environment.
  • A city that pulses with all the excitement of some of the world’s best capitals while retaining its own unique charm.

Live there:

There are plenty of travel books and Internet sites out there that can tell you about life in Sydney, but what you really need is the view of a local, someone who knows the city thoroughly from their own first-hand experience. Our guide to Sydney is written by an expatriate who is able to tell you exactly what life in this thriving city is like. It contains full and comprehensive details about what you can expect and contains a full directory of all useful product and service providers together with insider advice that can help you to fit in quickly and easily.

Fall in love with Sydney with the Expat Info Desk.

Five top tips

01Consider your commute when choosing where to live. Look for convenient access to roads or public transport.
02Entry to public schools is determined by where you live, so you'll need to base your housing search on the school's district.
03Secondhand shopping for furniture, household items and other necessities is very popular. Garage sales and online classifieds can reduce your costs.
04Sydney can be overwhelming and joining a local community group will help you meet people and make friends with common interests.
05Overseas calling cards are the most economical way to talk with friends and family back home. You can talk for less than .05c a minute with some cards

Interesting fact

Indigenous Australians make up just 0.6 per cent of Sydney’s population.