Bookstores abound in Madrid, from cozy independent shops to large national chain stores that cover every genre imaginable. Of the larger stores, both Casa de Libro stores and the Cortes Ingles sell books in Spanish and English. Expect to pay a premium prices for English language books, as they are significantly more expensive than in English-speaking countries.

Independent and used bookstores can be found all over the city, some with coffee shops/bars, where you can relax and have a drink. Madrid’s two most prominent English language bookstores, J & J Bookstore and Coffee and Bacchus Books, offer a friendly atmosphere and an excellent place to meet expats, especially when they hold language exchange nights.


Arrebato Libros

Used books in Spanish, English and French. Extremely friendly and helpful staff.

C/ La Palma

Bacchus Books

English language bookstore. Has a bar and free WiFi.

C/ Meléndez Valdés, 52

91 544 73 78


Small bookstore with books in English and Spanish. Good children’s books selection.

C/ José Abascal 48

28003 Madrid

914 428 104


Quiet and formal English language bookstore. Helpful staff and a wide selection.

C/ Fernández De La Hoz 40,

28010 Madrid

914 427 959

Casa Del Libro

National chain bookstore that is quite large and impersonal. Small selection of foreign language books.

C/ Gran Vía

2928013 Madrid


Municipal libraries may have a foreign section but there are no libraries solely dedicated to books in English. For a list of municipal libraries organized by district, visit the library guide:

Biblioteca Nacional de España (Spanish National Library)

Paseo de Recoletos