Where Culture and History Meets Laid-Back Liberalism

From its famous canals, to its ambitious architecture, thriving art scene, and amazing nightlife, Amsterdam is perhaps one of Europe’s most beautiful and unique cities. Offering a rich culture, fascinating history, colorful nightlife and romantic ambience, the city is a great place to call home.

Many expatriates who first arrive in the Netherlands will no doubt be intrigued by Amsterdam's famous red-light district and the marijuana café culture. However, this morbid fascination with illicit thrills will quickly pass and it won’t be long until they discover the many other gems that this city holds. Amsterdam is a fun-loving, open and relaxed city that retains much of its historic character and offers an interesting mix of old and new, thus ensuring that expatriates living here get the best of both worlds. It is a tremendously diverse and progressive place that features concentric canals, cobbled streets, vintage bicycles, idyllic parks, unusual art, innovative architecture and creative museums. At night the city comes alive and aside from the obvious raunchy floorshows, expats can enjoy a wide range of lively nightclubs, bars and theatres.

The people of Amsterdam are generally welcoming to all expatriates, regardless of their backgrounds. English is widely spoken throughout the city and expatriates living here will find that there are no major communication difficulties. This, coupled with the close-knit expat community will help you and your family to settle in relatively easily. The city infrastructure is highly developed and is so compact that it is simple to navigate. Facilities are abundant and everyday amenities are similar to those found in other developed cities.

What’s the draw?

  • A lively and unique city that won’t fail to intrigue.
  • A welcoming and friendly atmosphere.
  • A well-develop city infrastructure.

Live there:

Living in Amsterdam, offers expats an interesting lifestyle that is rich in culture and entertainment. Our indispensable guide to living in Amsterdam covers all the practical aspects of moving to this European city and offers destination specific information about a wide variety of different topics, including visas, finding somewhere to live, navigating the infrastructure, networking and avoiding cultural faux pars. The guide contains cold, hard facts that are written by people who live and work in Amsterdam. We do not give you the “official version”, we give you the “real version” and that’s exactly what you will need to have the best possible start to your new life in this amazing city.

Interesting fact

The majority of Amsterdam is actually below sea level. At its lowest point it is 6.7 meters below. If global warming causes sea levels to rise the city may disappear completely.