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The Most Celebrated City in the World

In New York, the land of opportunity, street hotdogs, art-deco skyscrapers, crowded streets, city slickers, bright yellow taxis and steaming manholes, there is simply no such thing as over the top. Even if you have never visited New York, you probably already know it. Made famous by endless films and musicals, the streets of New York regularly feature in Hollywood blockbusters and people the world-over are familiar with many of the city’s famous landmarks.

New York City, or ‘The Big Apple’ as it is popularly called, is home to more than eight million people and is one of the most exciting and invigorating cities in the world. A prime tourist destination, this bustling metropolis is known for its fast pace of life, cosmopolitan landscape and varied culture. The city is in a constant state of change and this living, breathing element to life here gives this American gem a unique character and vibe that is unmatched the world over.

As a place that was founded by immigrants, New York is open and welcoming to expatriates and foreigners. Since the early settlers arrived on Ellis Island the city streets have increasingly filled with a multi-dimensional array of cultures, ethnicities and races. This means that homesick expats will always find friends and a piece of New York that reminds them of home. It also entails that the city offers an exciting environment in which to explore and there’s every possibility that you could spend your whole life living in New York and never exhaust its riches.

Exciting as it may be, living in New York is not all always a picnic and there are plenty of reasons why New Yorkers are so jaded. The city is crowded, expensive and grimy. While crime rates have improved significantly since the early 80s, there are a still a number of areas that should be avoided. This can potentially be extremely intimidating for an expatriate who is relocating to work and live in New York and you may initially feel lost in this busy metropolis.

What’s the draw?

  • Life in a melting pot amongst people from all corners of the world.
  • A land of great scenic beauty that can be found beyond the concrete metropolis of Manhattan.
  • Fantastic shopping, arts, nightlife, dining and entertainment.

Live there:

New York is an immense city that can be very daunting for new arrivals. The New York expatriate guide contains everything that you need to know to help your relocation go smoothly and assist you to settle in once you arrive. Regardless of how many questions you have, you can be assured that you will find all the answers inside our city guide. Topics covered include visas, finding somewhere to live, having fun and meeting friends, shopping and service directories, legal advice, transport, health and beauty, places of worship, childcare and education and finance and banking.

Embrace the rhythms of New York with the Expat Info Desk.

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Our guide was written by Anjeeta Nayar.

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Two top tips

01Join The Parents League, allied to 300 independent schools it has information on the availability of places private schools in the city.
02Humidifiers are invaluable during the winter in New York City, as the powerful heating both dries out your body and the furniture in your apartment.

Interesting fact

Approximately 4.9 million people use New York’s subway on a daily basis. It runs 26 routes with 6,200 subway cars that stop at 468 different subway stations.