Citizenship by Investment (Golden Visas)

In today’s world, visa-free travel and plan B citizenships are essential requirements of a global lifestyle. They protect you from unrest in your home country, and give you the ability to live, work, study or retire abroad. Citizenship by Investment programs allow you to obtain a second citizenship and all the residency rights that come with it simply by making an investment in your target country.

Citizenship by Investment programs, sometimes referred to as Golden Visas, are available in various regions of the world. The most popular are the European Golden Visa programs (which provide a route to a powerful EU passport) and the Caribbean Citizenship by Investment programs (which provide full citizenship in a few short months).

To learn more about Citizenship by Investment programs and how they could benefit you and your family, complete the form below. A specialist from our partners at Holborn Assets will then contact you to arrange a Zoom meeting. There is no fee to meet. 

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