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Going abroad is a big deal and involves a lot of planning, thought, and work before you make the big move. And once you are living abroad as a global nomad, you will definitely need information on various services and products that are designed for expatriates & international citizens. We have tried to list as many expat services and products on one page with links to our service partners that will allow future and current expatriates to get the products and services that they require.

Get International Health Insurance

If you plan to live abroad or you have already made the move abroad, you realize that buying global health insurance coverage is not only critical but also a necessary requirement for most expats and their family members. Your domestic health plans probably don’t cover you abroad or have limitations on your policy for medical treatment overseas.

Buying international health insurance can be confusing and there are so many options to choose from. That is why we have provided so much information on global health insurance in our expat manual that is free for international citizens.

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Booking Travel for Expatriates

ExpatInfoDesk.com realizes that booking a flight abroad is a crucial step towards moving abroad, but also while you are living abroad. Travel costs can really add up when you are living overseas as a global nomad or international citizen. We have partnered with Trip.com as they offer excellent rates for airline tickets, hotels, train tickets, vacations, and much more.

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Expatriate Relocation and Expat Moving Services – Eurosender

Moving abroad is a major endeavor for anyone, especially expats and global nomads. One of the biggest decisions you and your family will make before moving abroad or even after you move abroad is sourcing a moving company to move your possessions (stuff) from one country to another. You want to make sure whatever you move gets to its destination in one piece for a reasonable cost. The cost of the move may be paid for and arranged by your expat employer or you may be arranging everything yourself.

This page is designed to provide you with some useful tips for international moving and choosing an international mover. It also provides some great resources and moving affiliate partners that we have arranged for expats and global nomads on the move.

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Country Visas for Expatriates – International Visa Services for Global Citizens

If you are moving abroad as a global citizen or expatriate, there is a very good chance that you will need to obtain a visa or residency permit. We have some great international visa options through iVisa.com that we are now providing to our expat visitors and global nomads. The information is free and you can view all the visa services and options online.

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Foreign Exchange Service for Global Citizens

Most expats and global nomads realize that foreign exchange rates have a big impact on their finances when living abroad. We have noted below some links to a great foreign exchange service from the OFX Group. Our parent company also uses their services and they have been excellent. If you plan to transfer funds from one currency to another, you should check out the service below and possibly save some money.

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