Madrid preview


The charms of Madrid have been, for the most part, ignored up until the last decade, when people have finally woken up to the historical and anecdotal goldmine that is Madrid.


Winter in Madrid, by CJ Sansom is a novel set against the backdrop of post-civi war 1940’s Spain, suffering from repression, food shortages and poverty under Franco’s dictatorship. The protagonist Harry Brett, a veteran of Dunkirk, is reluctantly pushed into the fray to spy on an ex-school friend who has become a shady businessman in Madrid.

Mad Dogs and an English Girl: A Stranger in Franco's Spain, by Caroline Waterman, is a portrait of Spain under Franco as painted by an English outsider who has come to teach English. The protagonist is confronted with a time warp, where servants are still beaten by their owners, women are suppressed and barefoot beggar children and chauvinistic man contrast with the beautiful scenery, unbelievable hospitality and passionate love.

Stories from Spain: Historias de España (Side by Side Bilingual Books) offers 18 well known Spanish legends, allowing insight into Spanish culture as well as offering English and Spanish versions side by side, giving you the option of improving your Spanish. The legends span over 1000 years of Spanish myth and folklore, starting with the oldest and gradually working up to the modern classics.


Ghosts of Spain: Travels Through a Country’s S…