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Madrid has its fair share of illegal immigrants, and finding a job illegally is not entirely difficult if you are open to working at a bar or restaurant or as an English teacher at a private language academy. But needless to say, the best way to earn a decent salary and find better working conditions is if all of your legal paperwork is in order.

Citizens of the European Union need not worry as much about the legal rigmarole of visas and work papers, as any member of the EU, barring some of the newly added countries in Eastern Europe, can live and work legally in Spain. However, citizens of non-EU countries may have to jump through a several hoops before they are considered eligible for study, work and residency.

This section will inform you of the different types of visas you’ll need to visit and live in Spain, as well as how to go about applying for them and what additional documentation you’ll need to submit. The process is quite bureaucratic, but ultimately worth the time and effort.