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British Government Crackdown on Expat Winter Fuel Allowance: But Are Their Plans Legal

British expatriate pensioners who have exchanged the cold weather of the UK for warmer climes are to be prevented from claiming the Winter Fuel Allowance if…. Read More

Expats Urged to Review Their Healthcare Coverage

Expatriates throughout the world are being encouraged to check that their current health insurance is adequate for their needs, after changes introduced in two…. Read More

Expats in Spain Must Declare Overseas Assets

Expats living in Spain have been informed that they are now legally required to inform Spanish authorities of the value of assets they hold outside the country. As…. Read More

Expat Drivers in Spain to Undergo Medical Testing

New laws that require all expatriates living in Spain to undergo a medical examination will formally came into practice last week. The new regulations, which…. Read More

New tax requirements for expats in Spain

New tax rules have been announced for expatriates who live in Spain. Expats who live in and who have any assets outside the country that have a total value of more…. Read More

British Expats Are Happiest in Spain

A recent survey by Lloyds TSB International has revealed that British expatriates are happiest in Spain, followed by Canada and Germany. The survey, which examined…. Read More

Brits Looking to Retire Overseas Need to Research Before Committing

Life in Britain just isn’t what it used to be and falling standards of living in the UK are being blamed for the rising numbers of British pensioners who are giving up on…. Read More

Expats in Spain Tell of Earthquake Horror

Expats living in Spain were recovering yesterday after dealing with a double earthquake that killed nine people and injured many others. An estimated 15,000 people…. Read More

Expats Asked for Help to Find Britain’s Most Wanted

Investigators have called on expats living in Spain to keep a vigilant eye open for criminals that they believe are hiding among the country’s millions of expatriates. The…. Read More

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