India’s Most Livable City

Nicknamed the Silicon Valley of India, the booming city of Bangalore, now officially known as Bangaluru, is a city of energy and development.

As India’s most westernized city, Bangalore is an industrial powerhouse that offers a relatively well-developed infrastructure in comparison to many of the other cities found in India. However, despite its status as a leading industrial centre, it is still very much in the development stage and expatriates living there will need to contend with living in an area that is still very much in the throws of improvement. That said, there is a lot more to Bangalore than meets the jaundiced expatriate eye. Those who look beyond the power cuts, works in progress, congestion and construction chaos will find that Bangalore is actually one of the prettiest cities in India. With year-round salubrious weather, stunning parks and tree-flanked avenues, it has earned itself a well-earned reputation as the “garden city.” Amidst the magnificent buildings and beautiful gardens, there is also the chance to observe some of the authentic traditions, backstreet markets and fascinating culture.

Home to 7 percent of expatriate assignees to India, Bangalore is no stranger to the expatriate crowd. As base of the most high tech industries in India, it attracts overseas workers from throughout the world and offers a blend of cultures and people from different backgrounds.

What’s the draw?

  • A contemporary, busy city that is often referred to as India’s most livable city.
  • Great year-round weather.

Live there:

As with many Indian city’s Bangalore is full of challenges for expatriates. However, if living in this thriving city is approached in the right manner it can also provide an interesting and enriching experience for. Our expatriate guide to living in Bangalore

  • The bureaucracy in India is well documented and if you make any mistakes there's a high chance that you have to go back to your country of origin to recommence the visa application process. Use our relocation guide to make sure you get it right the first time!
  • Should you go for the bastion of expat housing, Palm Meadows, or would you be happier in Whitefield, an area further out of town when living in Bangalore? There are a multitude of different housing complexes and developments available in Bangalore. Make sure you read the truth about them from a real expat before you make a decision. Our international relocation guide contains a detailed list of the various expat housing areas in Bangalore, together with information about nearby schooling, entertainment and leisure facilities, and transportation options.

Bangalore is thriving with life and vigor, those who are prepared to leave their comfort zone and seize the opportunities that this part of the world has to offer will not be disappointed.

Five top tips

01Always carry several passport-sized head shots with you. You will require these for nearly every account you open and every form that you complete.
02When filing applications and opening accounts (particularly with government offices) ensure you bring with you every imaginable supporting document.
03Government offices in particular can be very arbitrary and demanding on your patience, so be prepared for a full run-around and keep your patience!
04Building a social network in Bangalore is very important, both for the feel-good factor, as well the premise that India operates on connections.
05As a foreigner, you may not be expected to play by the many cultural rules that exist for most Indians. Despite this you should always make an effort.

Interesting fact

40% of Bangalore's landscape is actually made up of gardens and parks. In addition to this, 15% consists of lakes and ponds.