New Zealand

An Urban Environment in the Heart of a Rural Utopia

Boasting a sophisticated urban environment, a mild climate and absolutely breathtaking scenery, Auckland, New Zealand consistently ranks as one of the best places to live in the world and it is easy to see why. Great year-round weather, breathtaking scenery, outstanding food and wine, great shopping and exciting nightlife, Auckland really does have it all.

Expatriates will find that in this area of the world enjoying the outdoors is not something that is reserved for those who live in rural areas. Auckland provides city living in an urban, well-developed environment that is within an hour of beautiful beaches, stunning hiking trails and exotic holiday islands. There's no shortage of activities on offer, from spending the day peacefully sailing in the harbour, to bungee jumping off the Auckland Harbour Bridge, horse riding along a beautiful white sandy beach or partaking in a round of golf on a picturesque green course - Auckland has everything you need. Those who appreciate arts and culture will also not be disappointed. There’s a lively arts scene and plenty of entertainment available in the form of music, theatre, film and comedy.

Auckland is a vast, sprawling city and there are over 200 different suburbs in which expatriates can base themselves. This means that you can choose a living environment that suits your own individual lifestyle. Whether you are seeking a modern apartment in the heart of the city, a beautiful home in the suburbs with your own garden or a coastal place by the sea, you will find it all here. That said, traffic throughout the city is a known problem so expats need to choose where they live extremely carefully. Our expatriate guide to living in Auckland contains the full lowdown on the most popular suburbs, with thorough information on the local facilities, amenities and living conditions.

What’s the draw?

  • A relaxed, friendly pace of life in a beautifully green and uncrowded city.
  • Family-friendly environment, endless leisure opportunities and an exciting urban lifestyle.
  • A warm coastal climate that doesn’t experience extremes of temperature.

Live there:

Written by an expat who lives in Auckland, our expat guide offers something that other guides cannot; a genuine insider view. The writer presents bare facts and tells you what living in Auckland is really like. Packed full of the information that you will need if you are serious about living in this great city, our guide will take you step-by-step through the entire relocation process and arm you with all the information, resources and insights you need to make your new life in Auckland a success.

About Auckland we have

Our guide was written by Lisa Canfield and Amanda Jackson.

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Three top tips

01Winter in Auckland is very cold. Be aware of this when house hunting. Most houses don't have central heating and some have no heating system at all
02The weather in Auckland can change quickly and without warning. Always be prepared for sudden changes in temperature or a sudden downfall.
03Consider joining An online store that offers reduced price appliances and electronics. There is a membership fee.

Interesting fact

Auckland’s Albert Park still has air raid shelters that are capable of housing 20,400 people.