Buying a Car in Madrid

The average car price in Spain is slightly higher than that of the rest of Europe. However, buying a car tend to depreciate more slowly, thereby proving better investments. Car prices start at around 8,360 euros (Citroen C1), and there is a government program through which it is possible to receive up to 4,000 euros for your old car when you buy a new car.


There are many dealerships throughout the city that represent specific manufactures, including:


C/ Sor Ángela De La Cruz 6

T: 902 345 456


C/ Alcalá 520

T: 913 750 202


C/ Cristobal Bordiu, 13

T: 915 335 197


C/ Alcalá 728

T: 902 142 004


Tauro 27

C/ T: 917 478 200

Dealerships and Web Sites for Previously-Owned Cars

Web sites


Automotor y Ventas

Valentin Beato 8

T: 653 668 325


C/ Condesa de Venadito 5

T: 913 254 760


C/ Serrano, 87

T: 609 225 227

Rental car agencies generally sell their older models, and they tend to offer the best values. Refer to the “Rental companies” section of this guide for a list of rental companies.

Owning a Car

You must be a legal resident of Spain and have a resident card or NIE and a certificate of residence (certificado de empadronamiento) in order to purchase a car.

You can buy a car from a dealership or through a private owner. When purchasing a car through a dealership, the dealer will provide most, if not all, of this documentation. However, you should keep the following as a checklist and always ask about the documents listed if they are not received:

  1. Private purchasing contract which is signed by both the buyer and seller.
  2. Photocopies of each person’s ID.
  3. Receipt for payment of vehicle tax for the previous year.
  4. Car registration document (permiso de circulación). This document should be signed by the vendor, with a witness to the signature, for example, a bank employee.
  5. A transfer of ownership (Solicitud de transferencia), a grey form that you can obtain from the Jefatura de Trafico (Traffic Department, see below). It must be signed by the seller and a witness if the vendor cannot go to the Jefatura with you.
  6. A transfer document called “Transferencia,” which is a green document that allows for the transfer of vehicle tax. The form can be found at the Jefatura or the provincial traffic department and must be signed by the vendor.
  7. The ITV test certificate plus the technical sheet (Ficha Tecnica) and a photocopy. The certificate will be provided upon completing the safety test at a local test center . Madrid test centers are listed on the following link: It is illegal in Spain to drive a car that has failed or has not taken the ITV.
  8. A receipt for the payment of transfer tax (4%). You will have to pay this tax at the Jefatura. It is preferable to pay in cash.

Once the car has been purchased, you have 15 days to register it in your name. Once again you will have to make a trip to the Jefatura de Tráfico.

Jefatura de Tráfico in Madrid
C/ Arturo Soria 125 & 143
T: 913 018 500