Pharmacies are plentiful and widespread in Madrid. They tend to be independent businesses and there are generally several pharmacies in each neighborhood. Their large, green (sometimes neon light) cross make them very easy to spot. Pharmacies sell a wide array of over-the-counter medications that you may not be accustomed to in your home country.

Pharmacists in Spain are highly qualified to give advice and prescribe medicine for minor ailments and illnesses. You can purchase a wide array of medicine over the counter in Spain. If you have a prescription, medication is free if you are a citizen of Spain or a member of the EU and are disabled, a pensioner or receiving other social benefits). The cost of prescription medication is 40% of the standard price.

Foreign prescriptions cannot be used. However, if you visit a Spanish doctor, he or she can issue you a prescription for the Spanish equivalent.

Pharmacy hours tend to be:

Monday-Friday 9:30 am- 2pm and then from 5pm – 9.30pm

Saturday 9:30 am – 2pm

The following is a selection of Madrid’s pharmacies:

Farmacia de la Paloma

Open 24 hours and has English speaking staff.

C/ Toledo, 46

T: 913 653 458

Farmacia Sexta Avenida

Open 24 hours.

Avenida de la Victoria, 2

T: 91 372 88 18

Farmacia Plaza de Aluche

Open 24 hours and one employee speaks English.

Avda de los Poblados 58

T: 915 094 389

Farmacia Del Globo

Part of a chain of pharmacies. This branch is open 24 hours a day and some of the morning staff speak English.

C/ Carretas 12,

T: 915 210 763

Farmacia Real Botica de la Reina

Open 24hrs including holidays and has English speaking staff.

C/ Mayor, 59

T: 91 548 00 14‎