Sending money overseas from Spain and vice versa is a simple and common process. The banking system in Spain is safe, and Internet banking is very common, especially with foreigners, as it facilitates transferring funds from one country to another. It can, however, be somewhat costly.

Spanish banks offer a wide array of services, but you should expect to be charged for the majority of them. For example, Spanish banks do allow the remittance of salary from foreign sources, but converting your foreign money into Euros is charged.

The transaction can be completed online and sometimes by phone. A visit to the bank is not necessary for international transfers. All that you require in order to complete an international transfer is an IBAN and a SWIFT code. The transaction will be done in English, and you can even opt to receive a text message so that you know exactly when the money has been transferred. Generally, you will be charged for this transaction. However, banks such as Halifax, although not widespread throughout Spain, offer free transfers between all of its branches, no matter which country they are in.

International money wiring businesses are yet another option. The most internationally known is Western Union, with offices throughout Madrid and Spain: