In order to bring your pet to Spain, it cannot be under three months of age, unless you are a citizen of the EU. The animal must also be microchiped in compliance with the ISO-11784 or ISO-11785 standards. If the animals are identified with a non-compatible microchip, the importer must supply the appropriate microchip reading equipment.

To avoid putting your pet through quarantine, you must have an International Vaccination Health Certificate or a Pet Passport, which shows that the animal can be safely imported into Spain. This certificate must be obtained 15 days before the pet enters Spain, and it verifies that they are inoculated and free of the diseases listed by Spanish Authorities.

The Health Certificate must state:

  1. That your pet shows no signs of disease and has been examined before leaving the country.
  2. The identification and origin of your pet
  3. That your pet has been vaccinated against rabies.

Additionally, all pets must be accompanied by either their owners or a representative and must carry written certification that the cat or dog has been under the owners’ supervision for at least three months before entering Spain. The cage or carrier in which the animal is travelling must be labelled with the name, address in Spain, and phone number of the owner or the owner’s representative.

United States:

The importing of animals from the USA has been simplified in recent years. However, an additional veterinary certificate must be filled out by a veterinarian accredited by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Once filled out, the certificate must also be endorsed by an Official Veterinarian employed by the Veterinary Services, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (VS/APHIS, of the Department of Agriculture.


The same type of certificate required of the US is also required of Canada. The certificate must be signed by a licensed veterinarian and endorsed by an Official Veterinarian from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA,

EU Countries:

With the introduction on the blue Pet Passport, the pet importing process has been significantly simplified throughout Europe.

For other countries, check for additional country-specific requirements with the Spanish embassy or consulate in you home country.