Expat culture guide Madrid

Going to the movies is a favorite pastime in Spain, but foreign films are generally dubbed over in Spanish. English speakers will be happy to know, however, that there are a select few theatres that show films in Version Original (Original Version). When looking at film listings, always check for the V.O. symbol, which indicates that it is the original version of the film and thus has subtitles instead of dubbing.

Original version films are more commonly found in the cinemas located in the centre of Madrid.All of the major blockbusters are available in Spain. How highly the film is anticipated correlates directly to how quickly the film is available in Spain. For example the Harry Potter films are released internationally on the same day, where as other film foreign films can take up to a year to be released in Spain.

Tickets for several theatres can be pre-purchased through different online ticket vendors such as ServiCaixaTickets (See web site below), but it is more common to buy tickets at the theatre box office shortly before the film begins. Censorship is not an issue in Spain, but all films have age restrictions.

Cine Dore (V.O.)

C/. Santa Isabel, 3 – T: 913 691 125


Metro: Anton Martin (Line 1)

Cines Golem (V.O.)

C/. Martin de los Heros, 14 (Plaza de Espana) – T: 915 593 836


Metro: Ventura Rodriguez (Line 3)

Cines Princesa (V.O)*

C/. Princesa, 3-5 – T: 915 599 774/9872

Metro: Plaza de Espana Lines 3 & 10)

Pequeno Cinestudio (V.O)

C/. Magallanes, 1 – T: 914 472 920

Metro: San Bernardo (Lines 2 & 4)

Renoir – Cuatro Caminos (V.O)*

C/. Raimundo Fernandez Villaverde, 10 – T: 915 414 100

Metro: Cuatro Caminos (Lines 1, 2 & 6)

Renoir Plaza de Espana (V.O)*

C/. Martin de los Heros, 12 – T: 915 414 100

Metro: Plaza de Espana (Line 2)

Renoir Retiro (V.O)*

C/. Narvaez, 42 – T: 915 414 100

Metro: Retiro (Line 2)

Verdi (V.O)

C/. Bravo Murillo, 28 – T: 914 473 930


Metro: Canal (Lines 2 & 7)

Yelmo Cineplex Ideal

C/. Doctor Cortezo, 6 – T: 902 220 922


Metro: Tirso de Molina (Line 1)

*These cinemas can all be accessed on http://www.cinesrenoir.com/

DVD Rental

There are a limited number of DVD rental chains in Madrid, with most of the stores being independently owned and only having 2 or 3 locations. DVD rental is not a common practice in Spain because of the high levels of online and DVD piracy. Pirated DVDs can be easily and cheaply acquired on the streets and metro stations. Renting a DVD costs 3-4 euros per night, although most stores don’t charge a membership fee.

Septimo Arte

C/ Hortaleza 69 – T: 913 103 851


Metro: Tribunal (Lines 1 & 10)

Septimo Arte

C/ Carmen 26 – T: 915 316 361

Metro: Callao (Line 5)


C/ San Marcos 37 – T: 915 220 009


Metro: Chueca & Gran Via (Lines 1 & 5)


There are numerous theatres in Madrid that host a myriad of shows and events. Tickets can be purchased at the theatre box offices or on several online ticket sale sites. El Cortes Ingles also has a box office at their Sol location. The price of theatre shows and the length of time the tickets are available depends entirely on the popularity of the show, theater and the run.

Madrid’s Teatro Real is home to the Madrid Opera, although it also hosts other classical music and dance performances. The Teatro de la Zarzuela is home to the Spanish operettas known as zarzuelas. And although Madrid does not have a classical ballet company, foreign companies visit from time to time and generally perform in the large theatres in the center of the city.

Madrid is home to the Victor Ullate Ballet, Compania Nacional de Danza, run by Nacho Duato, and Ballet Nacional de Espana (flamenco). All three of these companies perform fairly regularly either at the Teatro Real or the Teatro de la Zarzuela. The more upscale flamenco companies also play these larger, well known theatres, including the newly built Teatros.

Teatro Real

Plaza Isabel II S/N

T: 915 160 660

Metro: Opera (Lines 2 & 5)

Circulo de Bellas Artes

C/ Alcala 2

T: 913 605 400


Metro: Sevilla (Line 2)

Teatro Alcazar

C/ Alcala 20,

T: 915 234 583

Metro: Sevilla (Line 2)

Teatro La Zarzuela

C/ Jovellanos 4

T: 915 245 400


Metro: Sevilla (Line 2)

Teatro Nuevo Apolo

Plaza Tirso De Molina 1

T: 913 690 637

Metro: Tirso de Molina (Line 1)

Box Offices

El Cortes Ingles

C/ Fuencarral 56

T: 914 546 000


Metro: Bilbao (Lines 1 & 4)

La Caixa Galicia

C/ Serrano 45

T: 915 866 000

Metro: Serrano (Line 4)

Web Site Box Offices