Five Steps to Renouncing UK Citizenship

Renouncing UK citizenship is a serious decision that should not be taken lightly. If you have carefully thought through the implications of renouncing your UK citizenship, this section will assist you to identify the actions required to give up your UK passport for good.

1) Complete, sign and countersign form RN

Read guide RN and, once you are sure that you understand all the requirements and implications of renouncing UK citizenship, complete Form RN. Separate forms will need to be completed for every member of your family.

The application form consists of two sections; the official copy and the applicant’s copy.

Official copy

The first two pages of the application form act as the official copy and this is the section that will be retained by the authorities once the application has been made. Applicants should complete parts 1-6 of this section. You will need to sign and date this copy.

Applicant’s copy

The third page of the application is the part that will be signed, stamped and sent back to the applicant once the declaration has been signed and formally agreed. Applicants should complete parts 1-5 of this section. It is crucial that the responses you give on the applicant’s copy are exactly the same as those provided on the official copy, otherwise your application to renounce your citizenship may be rejected. You will also need to sign and date the applicants copy, as you have the official copy.

Counter signatory

In order for your application to be accepted, you will need to have a counter signatory; someone who signs your form to confirm that you are sound of mind. This person needs to know you personally and also needs to be over the age of 18.

You should post both forms to the border agency when you file your application.

2) Collect appropriate documents

You will need several documents in support of your application:

a) Evidence of your current status:

Normally your passport itself will be sufficient evidence of your status as a British citizen. If this is not available you will need to produce a copy of your birth certificate or a certificate of registration or naturalization.

b) Evidence of your future status:

You will need to produce evidence of a citizenship elsewhere, outside of the United Kingdom. This can be a passport from another country or a formal statement from the authorities of that country that you have registered citizenship there. If you have not yet received citizenship in a new country you will need a letter from the authorities confirming that you will be granted nationality there once your British citizenship has been relinquished.

c) Evidence of your marriage (under 18s only)

If you are under 18 and are married you are able to renounce your UK citizenship. A marriage certificate should be provided in support of your application.

3) Pay fees

Applicants who are in the United Kingdom

Depending on the type of British passport you are relinquishing, you may need to make a fee when you make your declaration. You must pay the full fee when you make your declaration of renunciation. The current fees can he found here. The fee categories are as follows:

1) British citizenship, British subject status, British overseas citizenship or British overseas territories citizenship: Fee category RN1, RN2.

2) Relinquishing British National (overseas) status: Fee category RN3.

You can pay the required fees by sending details of your credit card or debit card with the application form. You should not send cash. You can also pay by transcash by completing a transcash form and taking it to the post office. If you choose this payment method you should send proof of payment with your application form. Any payment sent with your application form should be sent with a payment slip.

Applicants outside the United Kingdom

If you are outside of the UK, the fee that you will be expected to pay will vary according to the local requirements of your consulate or embassy. You should consult your nearest British diplomatic post for further details. Please see the relocation guide for full contact details of the embassy or consulate in your vicinity.

4) Post your application

Where you submit your application will vary according to where you are currently based. The following addresses and contact details may be useful when renouncing UK citizenship.

England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Forms should be sent together with payment, or proof of payment to:

UK Border Agency Department 1
PO Box 306
L2 0QN

Phone: 0845 010 5200

Channel Islands or the Isle of Man

Forms should be sent to the Lieutenant Governor.

British overseas territory

You should send them to the local Governor.

If you are in any other country

Forms should be sent to the nearest British consulate, embassy or high commission. Please see our expat city guides for full contact details of the embassy or consulate in your vicinity.

5) Wait for the application to be processed

Once the relevant body has received your application they will register your declaration and return your copy of application (the applicant’s copy). This will be officially stamped and dated. You will officially lose your British citizenship on the date that form RN is registered by the Home Secretary. If you do not already have a passport for your new country of citizenship you will be required to get one within six months of the date the Home Secretary registered your application. If you fail to do this, the registration will be void and you will remain a British citizen.

If you fail to gain citizenship of another country within six months, your registration will not take effect and you will remain a British citizen. If this happens you will need to send the border’s agency the applicant’s copy of your application form together with a letter that confirms that your application for citizenship in another country was unsuccessful and that you are no longer renouncing UK citizenship.

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  1. I returned my British Passport for renunciation last year to Liverpool City Hall with RN form and paperwork as requested as I now have Dutch citizenship and have not received any answer or stamp of approval. I have called the Passport Office, Home Office, Dutch Consulate and nobody can help me. It’s very frustrating as I need to provide this proof to the Dutch IND.

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