Living Abroad With Children

Living abroad with children can be quite stressful. Moving to a new country can be very daunting for any individual, but when there are children involved the pressure related to making a success of your new life abroad can be even greater. The experience of living in a new country, however, can be one of the most rewarding ones you can undertake for yourself and your family. Expat children are exposed to cultures and ideas that some adults will never even encounter.

This section deals with some of the common issues associated with living abroad with children or moving your children to a new country and provides useful advice and information for ensuring that your move abroad is the best possible experience for all of your family. The section includes information about preparing you children in advance, provides insights into how you children may react to news that they are to be relocated and offers advice on selecting an appropriate school for your child’s needs. It also addresses the phenomenon of expat child syndrome and how you can avoid it becoming an issue for your child.

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