Settling In

How Expats Can Settle in Abroad

Settling in when moving overseas is potentially one of the biggest challenges you will face when moving overseas. Many expats plan their move abroad meticulously and ensure that all the tasks associated with leaving their home country are completed in full prior to their physical move to a new country. However, some people fail to consider the things that they will need to do once they arrive and it is common for expats to go into shock when they find themselves in a strange country with no friends, living amongst people whose beliefs and lifestyles are completely different from that which they are used to.

In the same way, expats should plan their move overseas carefully, you should also plan and prepare for settling in and the things that will happen once you get to your new country. The following sections contain practical advice and ideas that can help you to do that. We look at how you can prepare in advance for the new culture you will be living within, methods for coping with culture shock, how you can make your new living accommodation feel like home and what steps you can take to help you to make new friends and establish a social network. These pages are designed to accompany our international relocation guides, which contain specific recommendations and practical information to help you navigate the infrastructure of your chosen destination, together with phone numbers and website contacts wherever possible so that you have all the information you need at your fingertips.