Surrender of Indian passport: FAQ

1. What is a Surrender Certificate and why do I need to obtain one?

Under Indian law, any individual who acquires foreign citizenship is required to surrender their Indian passport within three months of acquiring their new status, as dual nationality is not permitted. The Surrender Certificate acts as evidence that surrender of Indian passport has occurred.

2. I already have an Indian visa/PIO/OCI card. Do I still need the Surrender Certificate?

Yes, even if you are in possession of a visa/PIO/PCI card you will need to surrender your passport. You will be permitted to travel but the Surrender Certificate will be needed for future services at the Consulate/Embassy. It is advisable to get the surrender certificate straight away.

3. An Indian Mission has already canceled my Indian passport but I was not issued a Surrender Certificate. Do I need to obtain one?

If you have “Surrender Certificate or Renunciation form” duly attested by the Government of India authorities, then you will not be required to take any further action. However, if your passport has been cancelled but you have no certificate then you will still be required to formally renounce your citizenship.

4. I have lost or misplaced my Indian passport. How may I obtain a Surrender Certificate?

You will be required to submit a sworn affidavit (notarized) that explains loss of your passport. If you have a copy of your lost passport you should attach it with your application. You may attach a copy of your lost passport with your application. You will not receive a surrender certificate but will be provided with a “Renunciation form”.

5. It is permitted to apply for a Surrender Certificate and visa/PIO/OCI/Miscellaneous Consular services at the same time?


6. Can I submit one application for surrender of Indian passport for all members of my family?

No. You will need to submit separate applications for all members of your family, including minors. You may, however, send all the applications at the same time.

7. Can I apply for surrender certificate with any Indian consulate?

The processes for Indian passport surrender vary from country to country. It is therefore advisable to contact the consulate in order to gain guidance on how to proceed.

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