Expat Partners

Expat partners who experience a move overseas together go through a great deal together; some of it good and some of it bad. Relocating to a new country, whilst exciting, can also be very challenging and you should never underestimate the impact that it can have on your partner. In a large percentage of cases only one half of a married couple will have successfully secured a job abroad, leaving the other half with the challenge of finding their own job or reinventing themselves in their new country of residence; you will commonly hear this partner referred to as the trailing spouse. It is crucial that neither party takes international relocation lightly and that as a couple you work together in order to ensure that live abroad is a pleasant experience for you both.

This section of the Expat’s Manual deals with some of the issues you may face when you move abroad with your partner. We offer practical advice on how to prevent and counteract common problems and share our own insights into how you can keep your relationship on track and ensure that both parties are happy in their new lives abroad. By using this section together with the relevant relocation guide you can identify clubs and networks that can potentially assist your transition and can start to put plans in place for meeting people once you arrive.

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