FAQ About Relinquishing Your British Passport

Q. Can I register as a British citizen after previously relinquishing my British passport??

A. British citizenship or British overseas territories citizenship: Yes. However, this will only be permitted if you are able to prove that giving up your British citizenship was necessary in order to keep or gain some other citizenship. However, you can only ever do this once.

British overseas citizenship, British subject status or British national (overseas) status: No, you cannot resume it.

Q. How long does the application take to process?

A. The processing time varies according to the number of outstanding applications at any one time. Call the Liverpool helpline on +44 845 010 5200 for details of the estimated processing time.

Q. Does my decision to renunciate my British passport effect the rest of my family?

No, a declaration of renunciation only affects those making the application. If you are married your partner will have to make a separate application and your children will not be able to renunciate their passports until they are 18 or over.

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