Five Steps to Giving up Your Australian Passport

Q) What happens once my application to renounce my Australian citizenship has been accepted?

A) If you are in Australia you will be provided with an ex-citizen visa that allows you to remain in Australia until you formally leave. However, once you have left Australia you will not be permitted rentry unless you have a valid visa.

Q) Can I resume my citizenship at a later date?

A) Former citizens can apply to resume Australian citizenship if they ceased being Australian citizens prior to April 2002 or because renouncing their citizenship was necessary in order to acquire a passport for an alternative country or in order to avoid financial hardship. If you wish to renounce your passport you need to bear in mind that you may not be able to regain it at a later date.

Q) How much will my application to give up my Australian passport cost?

A) A full list of administration costs can be found here. If you are abroad you will need to consult your local Australian mission.

Q) How long will it take to process my application to give up my Australian citizenship?

A) The estimated time for processing applications is currently 12 weeks.

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