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Expat Insurance is absolutely critical and should be one of your top considerations when moving overseas. The majority of countries around the world do not offer expatiates free healthcare, even in emergencies, and rising medical costs around the world entail that a comprehensive international health insurance plan is a pre-requisite for anyone who is contemplating a move overseas. Such a plan is necessary to ensure adequate coverage in the event of an emergency and is it crucial that all expats and global nomads take the necessary action to ensure that their health and well-being is protected and provided for via an appropriate level of expatriate insurance.

Obtain An International Health Insurance Quote

In the following sections, we present a comprehensive view of the various health and medical insurance that is available. We consider the type of policies that are on the market and highlight some of the areas expats should investigate before taking out a medical or travel insurance policy. We also provide a glossary of important terms so that you can read and understand your contract before you formally agree to the terms and conditions. Finally, we present a brief medical insurance checklist that is designed to help you to quickly and easily confirm that you have considered all the relevant factors before you take out the expat insurance policy.

Adequate cover is a necessity, not an option. If you need international health insurance, we strongly recommend you get a custom quote and the international health insurance guide for free:

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