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Suitable work overseas can be very difficult to find and if you have decided to pack up and relocate abroad in search of a new job, you need to be aware of the realities you will face. In a perfect world, there will be no problem securing your dream job in your dream country. However, this is highly unlikely in the real world, so it is important to prioritize your list of needs and decide whether the job or the country is more important.

The obstacles you will face when searching for work overseas will largely depend on where you are looking to travel to, your qualifications and your field of experience. Your frame of mind will also be very important as you will need to be realistic about what is actually achievable.

It is up to you whether you want to try to find a job abroad before relocating and let the job lead you to a destination, or relocate to your chosen country first and try to find work when you are there. This will be a very personal choice and, again, will depend upon your frame of mind and character.

In the following sections we present some tips for your search for a job and provide you with a list of resources to aid your job search.

In our section of finding an expatriate job, we provide some practical advice for securing suitable work, we compliment this with a section on resources for finding foreign jobs. For those who are looking for teaching jobs overseas, our comprehensive guide to international teaching jobs contains everything you need to know to make your plans a reality.

Regardless of which job you decide to look for, being realistic from the start and focusing your attention on how to make the best impression to potential employers will help you to fulfill any dreams you may have. The choices you make in the relocating process will be crucial to being successful when finding work overseas.

Don’t Forget Global Health Insurance When Working Abroad!

Lastly, we should mention that a great many people who are planning abroad are not covered by their overseas employer for healthcare expenses, which can be quite significant and impact any global citizen’s finances. Therefore, it really makes sense to buy an international health insurance policy that will meet your global healthcare needs while working abroad.

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