Taking Pets Abroad

Taking pets abroad is not something you should do without detailed planning and careful consideration. Depending on which country you are moving from, and to, there are a number of areas you need to be aware of when you consider taking your pets abroad. The next few sections provide useful advice for pet owners who are moving abroad and contain some insights into the issues you need to be aware of when planning a move for your pet. Sufficient forward planning will help you to ensure that you do the right thing for your pet and make their move abroad as painless as possible.

  1. Shipping Your Pet. How will you ship your pet to the new country? Our section on transporting your pet contains everything you need to know about the various options that are available and what they will mean for you and your animal.
  2. International Animal Transport: What actions do you need to take in advance? Our section on preparing you pet for transportation will outline key practical activities that you can take to ensure that your pets journey is as stress free as possible.
  3. Pet Relocation Key Considerations: What factors should you consider before arranging to ship your pet? In our section outlining things you should consider before agreeing to take your animal aboard we highlight pertinent areas that you should take into consideration before making a final decision about whether taking your pet with you is truly the right thing to do.

For more detailed information about taking your pet to a new country, you should consult the Expat Info Desk relocation guide for the country to which you are relocating. Each guide contains comprehensive information from importing your pet, quarantine and documentation requirements through to the rules and laws governing pet ownership in your chosen city and key contact details for all the service providers you will need for your pets; including pet shops, vets, boarding kennels, groomers and walking services.

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