Visa Required Employment Visa
Required in Advance? An employment visa must be secured before your arrival in Hong Kong.
Validity 12-24 months
Number of Entries Within the validity period, a re-entry visa is not required provided that the visa holder’s personal circumstances has not changed.
Nationalities Exempt As a general rule any person other than those having the right of abode, right to land or unconditional stay in Hong Kong must obtain a visa prior to arriving in Hong Kong if they wish to take up employment.
Required Documents / Specific Conditions
1. Visa/entry permit application
2. Sponsor form (to be completed by sponsor)
3. Declaration of educational qualifications
4. Declaration of working experience
5. Copy of sponsor’s HK identity card
6. Copy of applicant’s passport
7. Passport-size photograph of applicant
8. Required to list two references, one of which is usually the employer in HK
9. Confirmed offer of employment
Additional Specific Conditions – No security objection and no record of serious crime
– Good educational background, normally a relevant degree. Under certain circumstances, good technical qualifications and/or relevant professional experience may be accepted
– Confirmed offer of employment in a job that cannot be readily taken up by the local work force
– The remuneration package broadly commensurate with the prevailing market level in Hong Kong; or applicant is in a position to make substantial contributions to the economy of Hong Kong
Dependent’s Rights Spouses and all children under 18 of an individual holding an employment visa may enter Hong Kong providing the employment visa holder is able to sponsor the dependents and prove they have sufficient financial funds to support them. Unfortunately same-sex marriages and partnerships are not recognized by Hong Kong immigration and do not qualify. Dependents are permitted to remain in Hong Kong for as long as their sponsor holds an employment visa. Should the sponsor leave, the dependent is also required to leave. Dependents of an individual holding an employment visa may work in Hong Kong, can study or complete training and can own their own business.
Application Process
The approval process generally takes 6-8 weeks. After the application is approved, a Visa/Entry permit label/sticker is issued by Hong Kong Immigration to the employer for onward distribution to the employee. The visa label should be affixed to the passport prior to entry into Hong Kong, the employee can do this. Similar labels will be issued for all dependents.
Additional Comments Each application for an employment visa is assessed on its own merits. A foreigner whose livelihood is dependent solely on commissions, however, will usually not be granted a visa, as there is no assurance that the foreigner will be self-supporting.
Employment visas are not transferable from one company to another. If you leave your job but wish to remain in Hong Kong, you will need to apply for a new visa. Your sponsoring employer is obliged to notify the Immigration Department if you leave.
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