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Expat & Social Groups

American Women's Association
Runs a welcome program for expatriate women to help them get settled. Also offers various educational and social activities, including tours of Hong Kong, mother and toddler playgroups and volunteer community programs. Membership is not restricted to Americans; there are over 700 members representing some 30 different nationalities.
Tel: 2527 2961

Australian Association of Hong Kong
The club aims to promote fellowship among Australians living in Hong Kong, and hosts a number of social events for its members and their families. Regular events include picnics, sports games, hikes and mahjong sessions. Membership also includes discounts at certain shops, restaurants and hotels.
Tel: 2530 4461

Royal Overseas League
Non-profit organization with clubhouse facilities for members. International art and music competitions are organized, as well as a variety of local social events. Club members also take part in fund-raising activities in aid of local charities.

Women's Corona Society
An informal group of English-speaking women from all corners of the world who help each other get settled. The group meets in Tsim Sha Tsui every Monday morning, and organizes cultural, culinary and sightseeing tours every month. There are also weekly activities such as badminton games, and book and film clubs.
Tel: 2812 6653

Holds an informal six-week course on Monday mornings (repeated on Tuesday evenings) aimed at assisting newcomers in making friends and finding out about Hong Kong. Members also receive a monthly newsletter with details of various courses and activities.
Tel: 2522 3101

The Hong Kong St. Andrew's Society
Club for Scottish men and women, as well as those who have a strong interest in or close connection with Scotland. Regular sports events and functions are organized for members.
Tel: 90394472

New Zealand Society of Hong Kong
Social and cultural activities for individuals as well as families are organized to promote fellowship among New Zealanders living in Hong Kong.

Canadian Club of Hong Kong
The club has a 55-year history serving as a bridge between Hong Kong and Canada. It provides assistance to tourists and helps Hong Kongers beginning a new life in Canada. Its Canadian Club Charity Fund helps support local charities.
Tel: 2240 6396

Dutch Association
Founded in 1950, the association's aim is to be a social center for the Dutch community in Hong Kong. It organizes various activities such as a Dutch social evening every month and the annual Orange Ball to celebrate the queen's birthday. Membership is open to anyone living in Hong Kong and China.

Italian Cultural Society of Hong Kong
Offers a range of Italian-language courses and organizes cultural events throughout the year.
Tel: 2573 0343

Swiss Association of Hong Kong
The Swiss Association is a non-profit organization that provides information for residing or visiting Swiss nationals. It holds monthly luncheons, organizes occasional golf tournaments and hosts events in conjunction with the Swiss Business Council and the Swiss Rifle Association.

Business and Networking Groups

American Chamber of Commerce
The largest international chamber in Hong Kong and one of the most influential business organizations in the Asia-Pacific region, the American Chamber of Commerce aims to foster commerce between the US and Hong Kong.
Tel: 2526 0165

Australian Chamber of Commerce
An essential, interactive forum for Australian-related business and Australians in business in Hong Kong and Macau.
Tel: 2522 5054

British Chamber of Commerce
Represents the business interests of a broad spectrum of British, Hong Kong and international companies in the region.
Tel: 2824 2211

Canadian Chamber of Commerce
The largest Canadian business association…

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